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Why do I keep getting Naked?

Better question: how can you not get Naked2?

First Impressions:

  • The way the Shoppers Drug Mart announced it before the release was: "Naked 1 is warm, Naked 2 is cool."  It makes sense -- Naked2 leans a lot more silvery and purple -- but there are a few colours here and there that are warmer than in the original palette
  • This new palette has a lot less colour variation.  Not in the sense that you're getting the same colour over and over, but you don't get a lot of very light or very dark colours (except the black).

Double-ended brush

L: Naked2, R: Naked1

Top: Naked1, Bottom: Naked2

Top: Naked1, Bottom: Naked2


Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper

Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol

Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

Price: This palette retails for $60 CAD -- about $10 more than the original.  Of course, if you really want to make your skin crawl, it's only $50 USD.  That's right.  However, I did get mine on a 20x Optimum points event (my American friends, it's a drugstore points-collecting craze that's taken us Canadians over), so technically it was cheaper than buying it across the border.  That's what I'm telling myself.

Quality: The shadow quality is just as good as the last one -- shimmers in Naked2 are just as creamy as in Naked1, and mattes are characteristically less pigmented, but not bad compared to others that I've tried.  I do wish the payoff was more consistent among the shades, but the only one I'm particularly disappointed with is Foxy.  I'm not quite sure who this colour would work on, but I'll play around with it and let you know.

Packaging:  It's exactly the same size as the old Naked, which pleases me to no end and I have no idea why!  This one comes in a metal box, kind of like those pencil cases you get in Japanese stationery stores.  The velvet case on my Naked1 hasn't gotten too dirty yet, but I can see people liking the fact that they can wipe this one down.  The mirror is also much larger, taking up the entire inside of the lid.

Extras:  I haven't bothered to try the lipgloss yet, simply because it looks like a neutral enough colour that it likely won't show up on anyone's lips.  Tod tried it and she really doesn't like the minty, plumping feeling that you get from it.  The double-ended brush is a nice touch, but it makes me wish I'd gotten the original Naked palette during its first run when they released it with a double-ended eyeliner.  Imagine, all your eye needs in two compact cases!  Except mascara.

In my teaser post yesterday, I showed you the following photo.  These are the most similar colours in the palettes.

Each pair of swatches: Naked1 on the right, Naked2 on the left
  1. Smog and Snakebite aren't actually dupes for each other.  Smog is much more gold and Snakebite is darker/browner
  2. Sidecar is a little less orange and much less glittery than YDK, but otherwise these colours are quite close if you apply YDK sparingly.
  3. Contrary to this whole Naked1=warm and Naked2=cool thing, Virgin is slightly cooler than Bootycall.  I wouldn't call Bootycall warm though -- it's more neutral than anything.
  4. True to our warm/cool theory, Hustle is a slightly warmer version of Busted.

So, Naked 1 or Naked 2? 

Get Naked 1 if...
  •  If you like to do lots of different looks -- the shade range will help you create a different eye each time you use it
  • You look better in warm-toned shadows.  I.e., if your favourite eyeshadow from MAC is Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Soft Brown or Mulch, get this one.
Get Naked 2 if...
  • If you don't like to experiment with your look but would like to have a few colour scheme options
  • You look better in cool-toned shadows. I.e., if your favourite MAC eyeshadows include Patina, Satin Taupe, Club and Smut.
Or if you're like me: get both.  You won't regret it.


  1. excellent post :) like u I think I'm going to need both palettes ^_^ thanks for the review/comparison (best one I've read so far!)

  2. I have naked 1.. I dont think I will get 2..

  3. I think I prefer 1. I just like warm colors :) Thanks for the in depth post!

  4. @eLLah Thank you! You will never need to buy a neutral shadow again =P

    @Jennifer and @Vintage Makeup, you are both stronger than me!

  5. Wow I like them :)

    do you want to follow each others?


  6. Now I follow you :) I hope you'll join too!

  7. amazing make-up, love those products sweetie! you have a great blog!
    fashionhypnotised girl

  8. I purchased both but am obsessed with the Naked2!

  9. Which Shopper's did you find Urban Decay at?!?! All the one's near me with the bigger cosmetics section don't have Urban Decay!

    I own both Naked palettes and I love them. I don't know how anyone could choose between them :)

    1. The Shoppers on Queen and Beverly! It's the best UD counter I've found. I'm afraid of them releasing a third one :P

  10. Awesome review!! Can you maybe do something to compare the shades in Naked1, Naked2 and TF Natural & Naked palettes? I really wish there was a dark matte brown like there is in TF Natural Eye. I also think if all the shades were side by side, it would be impossible to tell which ones belong to which palettes :P

    1. Hi there, thanks for stoppin by!

      I can look into doing a quick photo with all the swatches and tweeting it or something. I don't know that I'd go into another in-depth review because my opinion hasn't changed on any of the palettes yet.

      I do think there needs to be a matte dark brown in one of them! No idea why they haven't included one yet. I guess Buck from Naked1 would be closest? I hope they'll release something along the lines of MAC Espresso in Naked3. Fingers crossed! Fingers doubly crossed for an all-matte Naked3! Can you imagine??


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