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On my Vanity: Brushes

I need to put this out there:  brushes are my straight up kryptonite-candy-to-a-superkid weakness.

I don't use every single one of these brushes on myself -- these are also the brushes I reach for most often when I do tutorials and looks on other people, etc.

Left to right again!

  1. Gigantic fan brush This is kind of a terrible brush.  I love the shape and the idea of it, but the bristles are not soft by any measure.  I've conditioned it three times so it's a little better, but I'm still looking for a replacement.  I found it at a beauty and hair supply shop for $12.99 so it's not a huge loss.
  2. MAC 187 A $50 godsend for cream blush.  Or highlighter.  Sometimes I'll use it for liquid foundation, but it can come off a little streaky.
  3. QUO Professional blush brush These always go on sale, so don't buy them full price!  I use this for highly pigmented blushes and to blend out my eyeshadow for a really neutral look.
  4. EcoTools blush brush I also have the powder brush and use them interchangeably for bronzer, blush, powder.
  5. Sephora Double-Ended Perfect Complexion brush I can never remember what this brush is called.  I use the foundation side for harder products like Tarte Cheekstains, or to apply primer when I don't want to use my fingers.
  6. Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blush brush I'm using this with my MUFE HD foundation for the most amazing medium coverage/airbrushed effect.
  7. NARS Ita brush I think it's my favourite brush out of all of these.  Again, highlighter, bronzer, brush, powder, eyeshadow, EVERYTHING.  If you have any trouble contouring, you. need. this.
  8. NARS Yachiyo brush also amazing for blush and highlighter.  I like that the bristles taper to a point -- perfect for placing colour.

Right to left?

  1. QUO Professional bent eyeliner brush I use this for precise lipstick application and pinpoint concealing
  2. Annabelle angle brush I use this for lower lash or inner corner shadow
  3. MAC 266 for brows and liner.  It's a little slimmer than the Annabelle brush so it delivers a more precise line
  4. Urban Decay shader brush (Naked palette) My cream product go-to.  Or if you want to pack a LOT of pigment on your eye.  Not so great for blending
  5. MAC 217 I use this for everything.  This one I reserve for eyeshadow.
  6. MAC 217 I use this one for concealer.
  7. Aveda shader brush This is the first brush I ever bought.  I think I was 12 years old so it's been going strong for a good 10 (!) years now.
  8. Lancome #12 This brush is a smaller-than-normal shader brush so it's nice for getting into that inner corner.  Also really good for packing pigment densely onto your lid.
  9. Lancome #17 I use this as my blending brush, or for minor crease work.
  10. QUO Professional Angled Contour brush I use this for my cheek highlight or to do overall blending.  It's a little scratchy, but my skin's not too sensitive to handle it.
  11. Random shader brush This came with a brush roll I purchased in China.  There isn't a brand or number on it, but it's a small, thin shader brush and I probably use it more often than I realize.
There you are, my most-used brushes!

For everything else on my vanity, go here, here and here.


  1. woa, you have a really nice colletion for brushes.
    i am happy with my cheapy synthetic ones for now but eventually wanna upgrade at least to sigma brushes or something. :)

    1. Thanks! Actually, synthetic brushes are better if you use any cream textures. I also want to try Sigma, not sure what's stopping me!

  2. Wow, the MAC 187 is $50!? That's a lot!! And not good if it's streaky sometimes :( The fan brush looks really soft from the picture! :p lol

    1. Approximately, yeah! I think you need to experiment with it before it gets really good, but once you figure it out -- AMAZING.

  3. Love the ecotools brushes, big fan. I have been wanting to buy some MAC brushes simply because of their quality, butttt that's a lot to spend. Worth it? I feel as though you'd say yes! haha

    1. It depends on the brush I think. Like I don't think I need the 239 shader brush from MAC, because...a shader brush is a shader brush =P. I do think the 217 is good though, so that's one I'd go for. Also the 227 is fantastic for cheekbone highlighting! I'm kind of enjoying ecotools' synthetic fibres because I hate when creams pull out all the hairs in my natural fibre brushes.

  4. Whoa that is a great collection... mac 187 is my fav one..Thanks for sharing..
    following u now


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