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Kryolan: First Impressions, Swatches, Review


I'm tempted to say I'll never buy another shadow again, but we all know that's a huge lie.  However, if there's anything in the world that could convince, it's the combination of both Naked palettes and this baby right here.

Introducing...the Kryolan 18 Bold Colours Palette V2: Fashion.

I swatched in rows instead of columns because I forgot that I'd grouped the detail shots like this.  All swatches are on bare skin -- I estimate my arm to be about NC35 - NC40.  I'm bad at MAC estimating.
Top Row

Middle Row

Bottom Row

This is the exact same row as the picture above,
but I used a natural light so you could see that they do show up true to pan.
And just for kicks, here's a quick (as in, no primer/mascara/foundation/brows/nothing) look I did the first time I ever played with this.

Yes, I had one look on the right eye, and the other on the left.

Happy Monday!


  1. WOW!! loving the colours~~ :D u should have taken a single shot with both eyes :)

    1. I know! I only thought of it after I'd taken both off. Next time I do something crazy I'll be sure to get a full face :P

  2. Replies
    1. $65 CAD plus tax. I think it's cheaper in the States though. Thanks for stopping by!


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