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25 Things as I approach 25

I never thought this would happen, but I suppose it's appropriate as I approach my 25th birthday tomorrow: I think I like wine.  Is this the age that happens?

did this tag in my first year of university eight years ago, and I thought it'd be interesting to see how many things I would change.

3. I am such a grammar nazi. Every time I end a sentence with a preposition, I wince inwardly. I once tried to create a Facebook account with the first name Grammar and the last name Nazi and they rejected my profile.

4. I am unsure as to whether or not I have 25 things to talk about. Fingers crossed.

5. I undergo random, serious bouts of journal writing. As in, I will write everyday/relatively frequently for some time, and then go for months without even opening my journal. I've found the same with blogging, but hopefully this streak continues for someone.

6. I am a carb whore. I have been known to eat around the chips of chocolate chip cookies. And around the ice cream of cookie dough ice cream.

7. I so didn't choose the right university or program. But so far, aside from this realization, it hasn't completely ruined my life. 

8. If there is such a thing as a clinical addiction to MSN, I was once an addict (#90skid). I've since switched to YouTube.

9. I love love love languages. The best compliment I've ever received was my first year Spanish prof telling me my accent was "casi nativa", and I hate being complimented.

10. I am the least comforting person I know in any language. 

11. I was hoping to go through this without mentioning my height. 

12. Because this is the 12th question, and the number 12 means something special to me, I will take this opportunity to address my height issues. If I only knew 10 years ago that I'd be the height I am now, I would never have missed out on five precious years of wearing pretty heels. And also, despite how much I bitch and moan about being the tallest girl in almost any group, whenever I see a girl taller than me, my head immediately goes: "What are you doing up here?" 

13. Sometimes I'm not sure if I like things because I actually like them, or just because I should/have for a long time. 

14. I ADORE Christmas carols - I will listen to them outside of the appropriate season (in the privacy of my own house when no one's home).  I hate them during the holidays though, especially when sung by creepy child choirs.

15. My brother once told me (in my 18th birthday card, I might add) that babies who are breastfed have two ridges on the end of their noses. I still find this insanely fascinating.  I was not breastfed.

16. I hate drama. It's occasionally fun when it's far enough away (i.e. on a Hills rerun), but I ain't got time for that.

17. I am very cynical.  And highly consumeristic. I like to think that as a child of two immigrant businesspeople, it comes with the territory. 

18. I'm running out of things to say. 

19. Ironically, when I first saw these random note things come up, I was desperately hoping for someone to tag me =P 

20. I am not vegetarian, but I could easily live without meat. Despite this, I really like most meats.

21. I undergo phases of my life where I overuse certain words. I think currently (although it's not reflected in this note) my word is 'actually'. And I will never stop interspersing my words with 'like', even though it makes me hate myself.

22. I find the question "Where are you from?" to be very confusing. Does it mean "Where were you born?" or "Where is your family from?" or "Where did you grow up?" or "Where do you live?" Does anyone else overthink it to this degree?

23. I don't believe that anything is ever clear-cut. I don't think anything is always or completely wrong/right/perfect/simple.

24. I'm currently drinking wine. Also, all of these have started with I except #12 and 13.

25. And #25.  Leave it in the comments!


  1. " If I only knew 10 years ago that I'd be the height I am now,..." I would have gone to be model. XD I wish I were just a littler taller. I still remember the time when I was standing in life in the cafe with you in front of me, and I finally realized just how much TALLER you were than me!

    Hope you have a great 25th birthday! -gems

    1. Thanks babe! I am indeed freakishly tall! Lovely to see you back on the blog!

  2. That was fun to read!! :) Enjoy your 25th birthday!! :) Turns out we're the same age!

  3. I love reading posts like these. I also remember wanting someone to tag me to do this note back in university!

    Have a wonderful 25th birthday! :)

    1. Thanks Vicky! Currently fighting the worst sore throat/cough in the world, but I'm hoping it'll disappear -- a birthday miracle!

  4. Ah, I'm also a grammar nazi and carb addict- two of my vices ;) Happy Birthday, girl! xo

  5. Happy 25! Boy, I remember those younger years...

  6. I didn't know you could speak Spanish :)
    Happy birthday! x

    1. Speak is probably too advanced a word for my skill level LOL! I attempt Spanish :-p thanks so much!

  7. I love this. I also love wine. That is all.

  8. I am also drinking wine. Happy belated!

  9. ALL THE WINE IS ALL FOR MEEEE. I don't actually like wine very much. I discovered it hammers me pretty quickly, so I stick to beer, tequila, or jager, which do not seem to affect me all that much, all that quickly.

    Anyway, hi! I love these things. :D I know this might be annoying to hear over and over again, but I wish I were taller because I hate having to wear heels, but I hate looking like I am 12 (or, OK, 16) even when I am 26. I'm sure I will regret saying these words when I am like 56 and actually LOOK 56, but it is what it is.

    1. True, wine drunk is pretty intense. The hangover is also THE WORST. I'm usually a scotch drinker and there's no hangover there.

      I totally get not looking your age, definitely agree that you'll appreciate that when you're older! ;-)


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