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Tutorial: Holiday Party Look

We're just getting into the swing of holiday parties, and I can't tell you how much I love holidays, parties, and glitter.  We've got all three wrapped up in this makeup tutorial with my friend Laura -- can we take a second to talk about that hair?  If the ginger population ever needed someone to be their spokesperson, it should be her.

I've limited the glitter to the eyes only -- mainly because I want this tutorial to be applicable to people other than me (glitter ERR'WHERE).  I've paired it with photo-ready skin and a holiday classic -- the red lip. In the spirit of the holidays, I've chosen a limited edition MAC Holiday release from 2012, but your favourite red lip will do just fine.

Now that your makeup's covered, share your outfit in the comments!

makeup for pale skin, redhead, makeup for red hair, foundation for pale skin


  1. Not going to lie, when I saw the thumbnail on my BL feed, I was like, "IS THAT AMY ADAMS?"
    DAT HAIR THO. I kinda regret not picking more of the Illamasqua pigments when they were on sale, but I did manage to get Furore, and its my first loose pigment and HOLY HELLS LOOSE PIGMENTS ARE PARTY ANIMALS

    1. Omg Amy Adams. I never saw it before but that totally makes sense.

      Oh yeah, pigments got a mind of they own. Can't tame that shiz.

      PS also just googled Furore and WHOA PRETTY.


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