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New Year's is different every year -- in the past five years I've done the following:

- gone to a stranger's house party
- held my own party
- clubbed (the worst)
- gone to a friend's house party
- one I can't remember (but not because I went out and got smashed, I'm pretty sure I slept through it)

I'm leaving for New York tomorrow to spend new year's there, but I can't lie -- I'm most excited for the FOOD.  I'll fo sho be vlogging it, so look out next week for a new travel vlog.

Be warned: It will be 99.99999999% food shots (apologies in advance to all those who plan to dine with me).

The video above is a little snippet of how I think most people's nights will go (at least for those who are cooler than me and have awesome parties to go to), and everything you'll need to bring with you. I've got you covered from getting ready to combatting that NYE hangover.

I'm supposed to go to a party, but knowing me I'll get tired around 9:30 and have to sit down.

Friends, I leave you and 2014 with a little Zooey + Joseph Gordon Levitt goodness.

What are you doing New Year's Eve?


  1. Awesome outfit, girl! So jealous you're going to spend NYE in New York! Yes, PLEASE show the food! xx

  2. Have an amazing time in New York and happy 2015!

  3. So jealous Jenn!!!! You are such a beautiful soul! <3

  4. Another fun video! Have a super amazing time in NYC- I was there for New Years last year (well, arrived on New Years' Day) and it was such a magical time to be there! xo


    1. It's been amazing so far! Nothing in particular hauled just yet, but will definitely be sharing :-)


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