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Let's talk about the very real struggle around this time -- not only do I occasionally forget about Christmas presents entirely, I often come across absolutely perfect presents around May, buy them, forget about them, then descend into a pre-Christmas panic about purchasing another present.  Such is the life of a non-Virgo.

While I would love to be one of those people who wraps incredible presents, complete with custom hangtags, spray painted pinecones and wire ribbon -- I'm just not.  I love the look of kraft paper with simple adornments (black ribbon obvs), but I'm presented with another progblem.  I lack the ability to wrap anything that's not a rectangular prism of sorts, so I've come up with a few ways to accommodate those gifts that  find equally as appealing as brown paper and ribbon.

Click on the video above to watch on YouTube -- I've found a delicious replacement for tissue paper, an alternative to wrapping paper, and a subtle upgrade to my usual kraft and ribbon song and dance.


  1. Eeee another excellent video!!! Loved this one so much, not less because I SUCK SO BAD AT WRAPPING! Actually I finally got good enough this year not to feel like a total failure, but still, I can only manage the MOST BASIC wrapping ever! There is no style to be spoken of whatsoever :p

    1. Omg im super impressed with people who can adorn their gifts with little holiday paraphernalia!

  2. Great video! Thanks for the chocolate idea. I definitely just put the present in the bag and pile in a bunch of tissue paper. Haha.

    blush and simplicity

  3. Fab video :)

  4. Ah, these are all amazing, Jenn! Your videos are always so fun and mesmerizing! You did an amazing job with the ribbon, but I have to say the chocolate idea is my favourite ;) Merry Christmas! xo


    1. Meeey Christmas Jen! Thanks so much for watching and the lovely words :-)


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