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Life-Changing Products | TOD'S CORNER

A few weeks back, I rounded up a few of Tod's Empties (link HERE), and I asked you if you wanted to see her favourites.  These aren't just any favourites though -- these are life-changing products that she's stuck with for years (except the mascara, I threw that in because she raved about it every day for the first 30 days that she used it -- it earned its spot).  I can firmly attest that these products are in heavy rotation -- her product A.D.D. is significantly less rampant than mine.

In addition to the products above, she's also currently obsessed with Supernatural and tacos.

Darphin Camomile Oil
"I never expected I would like this as much as I do! It was a Shoppers Optimum Redemption impulse buy! But I'll put this on and when I wake up in the morning, my face feels like it's glowing -- and I know it's only that because I don't use anything else when I put that on."

Vitry Nail Care Treatment
"As long as I can remember, my nails have peeled.  I've tried so many different things to strengthen them, from every single brand, but they would still peel especially when it was dry. This is the first thing I've ever used that's ever stopped them from peeling and seems to make them grow faster.  I've been through four bottles and I have at least five backed up."

MUFE Smoky Lash Extravaganza
"So nice.  With pretty minimal effort it separates out my lashes but coats them individually so they all look thicker. I want volume -- I don't need length or curling -- but I hate clumpy lashes.  I like the pointy tip too, but it does tend to pick up a lot of product, so I have to wipe it off."

Urban Decay Primer Potion
"The mini specifically!  It has to be the mini.  It's actually more economical to buy the smaller one, especially if you go by the 6 month use-by deadline.  The larger one takes FOREVER to get through and before I could even get through it the packaging had started to split and the product started separating.  I know it's more money per ml, but I take about six months to finish all of a smaller tube instead of throwing out half larger, more expensive tube.  Back to the product though, I don't put eye shadow on without this.  Otherwise I get lines of product randomly striped on my lids like a zebra."

Paula Dorf Eye Contour Brush
"I don't know why this is so good.  It fits right into my socket -- it deposits and blends colour into my crease with almost no effort on my part.  I reserve this for my crease colour exclusively because I can just use anything else on my lids, even my fingers.  You know this brush is important to me because it's the only one I take on vacation.  It's replaced the MAC 217."

Brow Wiz
"It's pricey and I go through it really quickly but this gives me brow like no other -- it has the best colour.  It gives me the most natural-looking brow, and the spoolie on the end is my favourite.  It has a thin tip so it takes longer -- I don't really do it in the mornings, but sometimes I'll take it with me so I can fill them in later in the day."


  1. OOO I need to hunt that Vitry thing down! I too was born with weak peeling nails (thanks, mom). It's worse now that I live in a drier climate with really hard water! If this helps, I'd also buy a dozen of backups!

    1. Omg it's actually really good. I've tried it a few times after I've done a number on my nails.

  2. Agree with Brow Wiz and UDPP, those are real game-changers. And for me because of my brow woes, ABH Brow Pomade too.

    1. I haven't tried any brow mousse/pomade-type products yet! I don't know if I'm a good enough artist for that

  3. The Darphin oil seems to work for Tod just like the Kiehl's Midnight Rec. Conc does for me! I love the sound of this one though and anything with Chamomile.. oooo! :-)

    1. OOH I forgot how much I liked the kiehls oil! I need to get that next, I'm almost out of argan oil!

  4. OHH now i know what i should pick up with my excess of SDM points.

  5. Brow Wiz has been life changing for me! I should have gotten it sooner! The Camomile oil sounds amazing!

  6. Tod has some great picks! UD Primer Potion is my all-time fave and that Darphin Camomile oil sounds lovely :)


  7. My nails are a nightmare, so I could use a nail treatment like t hat! And yeah, UD's Primer Potion is a total must-have!

  8. The vitry is something I will have to recommend to a friend~ great round up :)


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