Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just a little break...then back into high gear!

Hi lovelies -

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a break until about January 15th.  I've been kind of sick the past few days and am just waiting for the vitamin C to kick in!  Happy holidays to all of you and your families, and see you next year!  Don't forget to share your present hauls with me =)

Love, peace and beauty,
The Procrastinator

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review: Bare Minerals Matte Foundation

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Things I love:  Ideally, it's supposed to be make up that you can sleep in, being all natural and chemical-free and whatnot, which is super appealing for me since I'm a lazy bum and I fall asleep right away when I come home at night.  I also like that you can just build it up and use it as a concealer instead of buying a matching one.  And it photographs pretty well (i.e. it looks like skin, not paint.  I'm looking at you, CoverGirl foundation.  Grrrr.)

Things I'm unsure about:  It's really...yellow?  Maybe that's just the colour I'm using...and it seems cakey when I put it on.  I'm not using a proper kabuki brush, but I figure a densely packed powder brush should do about the same, shouldn't it?  Either way, it's just not applying evenly and it feels weird.  I also think it might look weird in fluorescent light.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation Fair

I'm thinking maybe it just feels weird putting it on, because I've been wearing it for about a month now and no one's told me skin looks weird...although would anyone actually be like "your foundation texture is off" to your face?  Probably not.  That said, I looked at some photos from times that I know I've worn it and it looks pretty good.

Verdict:  Not bad, but I could find something better for me.  I'm currently working on Korres Wild Rose foundation.  Talk to me in a month!

PS:  I actually tried this same product a few years ago (same thing happened, unfortunately) and the packaging has vastly improved.  They've changed it so that you twist the filter closed until you hear a rather satisfying click (which becomes less satisfying the more you use it, but still no product spillage!).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Procrastinating Philosophy - What Makes Someone Pretty?

Hey all!

So I've been in the boonies this week with my parents.  I won't lie to you, one of the best things about my mom coming home is that she brings me stuff.  I can't quite decide if I want to do hauls quite yet...should I be that kind of blogger?  Not sure.  What do you think?

Either way, I was make up-less (I hate carrying things when I'm in transit so I never bring anything that I can do without/suitably replace when I'm at home) and inspiration-less.  Then on my way back, I was looking at myself in the window - y'know, because I'm vain and all - and I noticed a little something from which I inferred the following:  the most esthetically pleasing part of your face is the part with the most detail.  Yay/Nay?

Hear me out.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glitter (Friday) Saturday: Glitter Your...


Anyone ever seen Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million?  Queen of sparkly eyeshadow right there!

I love a glittery eye - if I had it my way, I'd pack on the glitter so that all you'd see is shine, but I haven't found a medium that doesn't crease on me yet.  Will update when I do!  I love that when you look down and the light just happens to catch you get that solid sparkle you can't get from anything else.

I usually anchor a really glittery lid with liquid liner - I just feel that it needs something to pull it all together.   Unlike other major eye looks, I don't feel the need to play down anything else - depending on the colour of the glitter, I'd just easily rock a red or neutral lip.  The only thing I would warn you against though - don't put glitter anywhere else.  I mean it.  It goes from holiday to showgirl just like that.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Glitter Friday Fakeout

Dear Readers...

I do apologize for the lack of post today - procrastination struck and I am left without words or photos with which I can grace you.  I promise my Glitter Friday post WILL appear tomorrow.  In the meantime...I leave you with this:

Props to whomever can accurately name 10 of the above polishes!  Ready...steady...GO!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Hate Secret Santa

Don't get me wrong - it's great if you have a group of close mutual friends who know each other well and have ideas for each other and that way you only have to buy one gift and everyone gets something.

But I despise Secret Santa.  I never realize how hard it is to stay within a price limit until I absolutely have to.  So here are some ideas that hopefully fall within your Secret Santa price range!  I've chosen not to do any super obvious ones like gift cards or bath products - I hate giving either of those things unless someone specifically asks or I'm caught off-guard and gift-less.  Gift cards feel so impersonal sometimes, and not only do bath products occasionally feel generic (although Lush does some amazing sets), I feel like I'm telling people that they need to clean themselves.  Anyone else feel that way?

Sunlight Desk Lamp Natural Full Spectrum Sun Light. Simulates Daylight. 150Watt Output uses 27 Watts. Touch On/Off Switch.

  1. A refillable fragrance atomizer - totally random, I know, but I hate that I can't always bring my liquid perfumes with me when I go somewhere, so this is just fun little convenience that people don't always think to get for themselves.  $10 from Sephora
  2. flash drive (just a tiny one, like 4GB) with a Christmas episode of the receiver's favourite show.  Or carols.  Or whatever.  I love USB flash drives - you can never have too many!  ~$9.00 from Future Shop
  3. A mini flat iron.  I'm serious.  They range from price, but you can get one that's relatively cheap.  Imagine, you open up a Secret Santa gift and you get a hair straightener?  Yes please!  This one goes for $15.00
  4. A jar (any old Mason jar will do, or you can buy a pretty one.  I like Mason jars!)  or travel mug with homemade hot chocolate mix!  Cocoa + milk powder + sugar + cayenne = dee-lish.  Just don't overdo the cocoa - apparently you only need about a cup for every six cups of mix.  Who knew?  I also tape on a candy cane for extra festivity purposes.
  5. I adore pouches/make up bags/tiny containers of all kinds so anything that is designed to hold something else I welcome with open arms.  This make up clutch from Sephora is just too cute to pass up. ~$15 from Sephora
  6. Tell me if you think this is weird: one year my friend got a desktop lamp that emulates natural light for Christmas one year, and I adored it.  She couldn't even tell me where she bought it so I scoured the internet for SO LONG (and sadly never found one I liked).  Of course, a few years later, has reached into the farthest depths of the universe to find us things, so here's one for $30! 
  7. OPI Mini Set.  I love nail polish, but even I rarely get through an entire bottle before the colour gets all goopy and I have to thin it out.  For almost every collection, OPI picks four favourites from the line and packages them together in tiny little bottles so you can try all the colours. The one I've linked is their Swiss collection which has some gorgeous holiday colours for $9.00
If you have any other ideas, please do share!  We all know how hard this is, so don't be afraid to make it a little easier on everyone.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Goody Spin Pins My Hair Right Round, Right Round

So I've been reading so much about these Goody Spin Pins (seriously, people are RAVING.  This is almost like when the new revolution of hair straighteners with rounded edges came out), I had to pick them up from Wal-Mart and try them out on some poor, helpless victim.

Here's what I think:  People, thus far, are not wrong about the spin pins - I can see why people like them.   I don't, however, think that they're SO amazing.  Maybe they were just hyped up?  Or maybe I need to get used to them.  They hold hair up just fine and they're infinitely easier to use and more secure than the 20 bobby pins they supposedly replace, but there are a couple limitations.
Spin Pins * Dark Hair * Goody Simple Styles

Friday, December 10, 2010

There's Glitter on Your...

Lips! Lips! Lips!

Lipgloss was the one product that paved my way into cosmetics.  It all started with a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker.  Then I came across Dior's Addict Gloss in 001 (which they have woefully discontinued and tried to replace with their Lip Maximizer - psht) and my life changed.

I'm absolutely serious - between the ages of 12 - 19, I did not purchase/wear anything else unless a make up artist put it on me.   Again, I was 12, but who am I kidding?  I still adore a glossy lip like nothing else.  I really indulged though - and even though there have been many lip gloss overhauls and clean-outs, I still have a giant bucket of colours that I almost never wear.

What I did to jazz up my lip for the holidays (since I never wore lipstick and had no other way to change my look) was to add a crazy amount of glitter to my gloss!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Travel Beauty: Plane Beauty

A couple weeks ago, I casually mentioned my love for argan oil.  I have a routine established for plane rides - it gives me a rhythm and I'm just less likely to forget things if I give myself a checklist.  Here's my beauty one!

Before the Flight

Cleanse your face thoroughly: I cannot stress this enough.  You are trapped in a cabin of recycled air for any amount of time.  So when I say cleanse, I mean get out your exfoliant and scrub scrub scrub!

SPF: Lots of it.  You know when people open their windows to look outside and watch the asphalt, then oceans, then clouds pass them by?  As you get closer to the sun, the radiation and sun damage is that much worse.  So SPF it up.

During the Flight
Water: To fight back the inevitable dryness.

Facial Moisturizer: To keep whatever liquid you take in from escaping your skin.

Facial Mist: Some people say that spraying your face with any liquid actually dries it out more since water is attracted to other water, but I just feel so much better after I've done it that I'd rather compensate by drinking another gallon and reapplying more moisturizer.

Lip Balm: Because despite all the water I drink, my lips start losing flakes of skin within 20 minutes of flying.  That may have been too much detail.

Before Landing
Cleansing Cloths: I like to take off all the grime that I imagine has accumulated after however many hours of flying.

SPF: See reason above.  People equally tend to do that when they land, just in case they've forgotten where they're going and they think the landscape will tell them.

Highlighter: I don't always sleep well on a flight, so under-eye circles come to haunt me.

Mascara: Some people really can't leave the house without mascara, so I assume that they don't leave planes without it either.  I'm not so crazy about it, but it does help open up the eye and make you look more awake.

Blush/Bronzer:  I get really pale after a flight due to the lack of sleep and general discomfort.  I need cheek colour more than anything.

Teeth: I feel infinitely cleaner once I've brushed.

I know it sounds like a lot, but if you take tiny travel versions of everything or bring samples with you, it wouldn't pack larger than a regular make up bag.  Good luck!

Monday, December 6, 2010

5 Nail Colours You Need

I don't call myself a nail fanatic because my polish collection is apparently's terrifying to know how many people have more than a hundred bottles of polish whereas I think the average is probably like, ....five?  Six?  And I think that's for someone who likes to paint their nails on a semi-regular basis.  Then  Michelle Mismas from All Lacquered Up asked people how many bottles they own and the answers were terrifying.  Granted, half of them were probably nail bloggers, but having only 30 or so polishes when I read the post made me feel horrendously inadequate.

The box on the right is exclusively blue/green

So a follow up to my five must-have eye shadows, I thought I'd do the same capsule collection for nail colours.  What's next, cheek colours?   Probably not.  We flush one colour, and one colour only.  Watch me eat my words in a week.

Friday, December 3, 2010

'Tis the Season for... Glitter!

...not the Mariah Carey movie that people will publicly shame you for watching.

I mean those tiny metallic flakes!  For the next month, it is entirely appropriate to wear as much glimmer, shimmer and shine as you like, and no one will think you're stealing your prepubescent daughter's make up.  Win-win!

Glitter by Ermenelwen

This holiday season, I'm going to work shimmer with reckless abandon.  Nails, lids, lips and legs - ALL OF IT!  And depending on where I'm going...SIMULTANEOUSLY!

So over the next couple of weeks I'll teach you to rock glitter my way - and you know I don't do tacky.
So stick with me kid, we're going shiny places.

First up...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grad Photo Make Up

"Smile!  Chin down...Come on, big smile for me!  Uncross your legs...okay, now how about we try the bouquet of fake roses instead of the scroll?" - Annoying photographer (wo)man who won't let me relax my mouth.

So I'm about to get some grad photos taken and I was thinking of looks to go with.  Here's the thing about grad photos - I know that people will know what year they're from, but I think I'm going to try and keep it from looking too dated.  You remember looking through your yearbooks - in my day, butterfly clips, pin-straight hair, permatans and wayyyy too much liner stole the show.  I really don't want people to know that glitter, liquid liner and side braids are all the rage right now, so I think I'll skip on both.

So here are some looks that I'm pondering - since it is a photo, I've gone with a heavier base, filled in my brows and given myself some bronzer to contour.  And of course I had to bring back an old friend to help fake eight hours of sleep.

Option #1
This is a pretty basic, neutral look with a little colour on the cheek so I don't look washed out/dead.  Paired with no colour on the lid, just mascara and a blue-pink lipgloss.

Option #2
I've given myself a more vibrant "my lip colour but better" lip and taken some colour from the cheeks.  There's a certain old film star appeal to this, but I might need more colour on the cheek.

Option #3
I gave myself a darker, more defined eye with a little colour on the cheek and just a shiny gloss on the lip.  This one looks most like my every day self, but I'm afraid the dark eye might come off too trendy?  

How does everyone vote?