Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Hot Tools Deep Waver

So it was my friend's 21st birthday this weekend and she mentioned when I saw her for my other friend's birthday she mentioned this hair tool she just had to have.  She described it to me as this thing that you clamp onto your hair and it would make a wave.  I thought she meant a triple-barreled curling iron.  She actually meant the Hot Tools deep waver.
HOT TOOLS Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver (Model: 2179)

So clearly this isn't the most popular tool on the market.  I had a hard time finding a review to see if it actually worked.  The birthday girl told me she saw a review on JulieG and after seeing it, I went to and purchased one on her behalf (plus a Hot Tools 1.5 in curling iron for myself - review soon!) and kindly asked her to try it for you.

I contemplated trying it myself and hoping she wouldn't noticed I'd opened it but my roommate convinced me not to.  The conversation went like this:

Me: Do you think I can open this and she won't notice?
Her: ...Please don't do that.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Water? But it's so Heavy...

So this whole 2 litres of water a day thing?  Actually, I'm 5'10 so it's a little more than that, but...

I get it.  And I try really really hard to go through with it.  You know, every once in a while I'll really commit and I'll drink as much as I can, usually going over 8 glasses?  Granted, most of those are chugged first thing in the morning or right before bed so I can tell myself I've been properly hydrating myself, but you know.  Don't do that people - the way to stay properly hydrated is to drink throughout the day!  But you win some, you lose some.

I recently purchased the Vapur Anti-Bottle in Black (from Whole Foods for $11.99), and I have to say, I quite like it!  I've only really used it for about a day and a half, but I can already tell you how much more my shoulders love me for not toting around a 750 mL Voss bottle. 

The Anti-Bottle is briliant; it folds up so it doesn't take up as much room in your bag, but it still stands when you fill it even with the tiniest bit of water.  It comes with a carabiner (probably not an amazing one, but I have nothing but the wall-climbing ones that save your life to compare it to), I suppoe so you can hang it off...things...

Anyway, it holds 500 mL, which is great because anything less I'd finish too quickly and anything more would be obnoxiously heavy.  It's got one of those tops like sports bottles have, which I don't really use because I can't help but be reminded of baby bottles when I use those.  I just unscrew the top and drink from the neck.

That being said - they say it's top rack safe, but I'm still feeling a little squidgy about just washing this without the aid of a dishwasher.  My only option really right now is to fill it with soap and water and shake but how clean does that get, really?  Ideas?

I also don't roll it up when I've completely depleted the water because I've never subscribed to the rolling school of packing (they will STILL wrinkle.  Just in vertical line, that's all), and I believe that rolling stuff will capture more air between the rolls and waste more space than if you just laid the damn thing down flat.  Hear me now "expert packers".  Watch me pack for more days in a tinier case than you.

Drink up, everybody!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Lip Colours to Start Your Collection

My lip product fanatic is dying inside, trying to limit myself to five colours.  Kill me.  But I do find that more and more as my obsession dies down I'm  reaching for the same basic colours over and over again, so here they are =)

5 lip colours

A bright:  This can be any bright, fun colour that looks just so good on you.  I've chosen NARS's Schiap - a matte, bright magenta - but you can choose a coral, an orange or even a purple.  Sky's the limit!

A clear gloss: This is possibly one of the most versatile products you can have in your kit.  I love me a glossy lip, but it's also great for smoothing down unruly brows, giving your skin some dewiness, that glossy eye I love  so much, and in a pinch, touching up your lashes.  Shown above - MAC Clear Lip Glass, a longtime industry favourite.

A shimmery gloss: I love shimmery gloss on its own.  I either put it all over the lip or just in the middle of my bottom lip for a little extra pout.  A little dab over any lipsticks you're bored with will change them up instantly.  Above I've chosen Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla

A nude - Now when I say nude, I don't usually mean that blanked out lip that blends into the rest of your face.  That definitely has a time and a place, but I prefer a "your lip colour, but better" pinky-nude.  I don't usually like matte nudes either, unless I really am trying to make someone's lips disappear.  Also, I don't see any point buying a matte lipstick in the same shade as your skin - just use your concealer.  I'm showing YSL Pur Lipstick No. 18 in Nude Pink.  There's something I adore about YSL packaging.

A red: I could never leave out a red now, could I?   I don't often wear reds myself, but I love it when other people do.  I actually prefer a really painted, matte look so I use MAC Viva Glam I, but MAC's Viva Glam Cyndi was too gorgeous to pass up.  It's this really sheer, coral-y red - a fantastic colour for those who are just breaking into reds.

Now you all know that I've got not only these colours but every nuance of shade in between.  I'm that girl at the lip gloss counter who's like, "I need a shimmery lip gloss...this one's more gold...but that's more pink...I need BOTH!"  Don't be like me.  I mean, if you want to be, welcome to my vice.  But then you end up with a purse full of slightly different shades of pink lipstick.   I love it though.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Scruffing? Two Options

So a friend of mine recently mentioned to me how much her skin burns after she kisses her boyfriend.  Oh, sacrifices!  I told her to make him thread his face.  That sounds like a joke, but it's not.  I had it done once - I was at a spa getting a facial and after a relaxing steam, I suddenly felt a line of fire tearing across my cheek bone.  The esthetician was removing the down from my entire face, hair by hair.  Of course, it's not like she pauses between hairs -- she removes as many hairs as she can with one section of thread.

You guys - it is beyond any pain I've felt and I regularly get Brazilian waxes.  I've never before cried out of pain (from an esthetic service, anyway) but next thing I know, my esthetician says, "Oh my, you're crying!"  Tears were welling out of my eyes and I was in too much pain to notice.  My mom, who was getting hers done at the next station laughed out loud and called me a wuss.

So as macho as guys try to be, I'm willing to bet he's not going to go for that, as much as he hates shaving.  BTW, this also seems to be a trend amongst guys - I thought shaving was a rite of passage...anyone want to tell me why they hate it so much?

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set (Soap, Bowl, Brush) The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Essential Oil Starter KitShaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor, Bowl, Shaving Soap, Badger Brush, Stand and Safety Razor, Great Gift Idea for Father Husband or Boyfriend

 So here are some tips for shaving, but since I've never shaved in my life, they're from a cooperative guy friend who happens to be an expert shaver.  Ladies, these are pretty good for your legs too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dupe Alert?

Hey lovelies!

So I was rifling through my collection the other day and came across an old pot of Mac Astonish.  Does anyone remember that?  It was from a few years ago - it's in one of the pigment containers but it's actually a gel.  I had no idea what to use it for - all I knew is that when I swatched it on the back of my hand it reflected the most beautiful iridescent purple, pink and green.  Of course, when I got home, I never ended up using it.

Cut to five years later.

Having trolled make up boards, forums and blogs, it turns out Astonish is an All-Over Gloss.  It can be used anywhere on your face that you want to add iridescence/sheen.  Of course, it still remains untouched.

Then I was in NYC this summer to visit a friend and stopped by Inglot for the first time (their rainbow of nail polish dres me in).  I was playing with some lip crayons when the sales assistant (who had previously worked at NARS for five years) suggested their AMC Lip Gloss to go over them.  It's a layer of gorgeous non-sticky iridescence, and even though I thought it was strangely familiar, I bought it anyway because that's just how I am.

It wasn't until I got home and a few months later realized I had a potential dupe.

Some photos for comparison!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Self-Leveling ANYTHING

I love things that self-level.  I just needed to share that.

When I bought my first Stila Lip Glaze (I do believe it was in apricot.  Then I went back for starfruit and grapefruit), it was a time when Sephora had just gotten to Toronto and I'd never been there), it was also the first time I'd ever been to a Sephora.  Yes, there was a time.

 I'd read about Sephora in a Shopaholic book and when I came across one of their stores in an alleyway in Aix-en-Provence, I squealed like the 15 year old girl I was.  I darted in without telling my exchange student and she had to chase after me to make sure I'd get home.  I was deeply into my lipgloss phase and I still remember the look on her face when I told her I'd rather keep my lipgloss smooth than kiss my boyfriend.  I'd like to say things have changed, but it would really depend which gloss I had on.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Best. Lipbalm. Ever.

I'm terrible when it comes to chapped lips.  There's nothing I love more than realllllllllllly really soft lips, but I can't bring myself to constantly reapply balm.

Here's how it goes:  I'll find an old lip balm that I remember loving and religiously reapply it for about 3 hours, then toss it in my bag only to have it never be seen again.  Of course the above is true for the following products, but at least I'm trying?  I was once told that lip balms contain a drying agent so you purchase more of the product.  It makes sense.

Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Balm, SPF 20, Red, 0.5 Ounce

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Model Lovin' Tidbit

So my favourite Canadian model is Miss Coco Rocha from Richmond, BC.  I follow her on Facebook so every time she posts something fun it comes up on my newsfeed.  A few weeks ago she posted this photo and I loved loved LOVED her make up in it so I thought I'd reinterpret a version of my own.  Voici!

And here's mine!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Netting this New Year

(I know I said I wouldn't be back for a couple weeks, but this post would be so irrelevant if I didn't post it today)

So we decided to have a last-minute New Year's party and my neighbour who lives across the street decided we should combine ours.  She had one condition: make yours a dressy affair.  Who could resist?  I can't.  So here's a look I pulled out last minute from Louis Vuitton's SS11 runway.  Not often that I go without mascara, but it seemed more haute that way =)

If I could go back and do it again I would make the lip more matte.  And find a way to temporarily bleach my eyebrows (I LOVE the way that looks).

How we do:
  1. Apply a heavy coverage foundation in the lightest colour that still looks natural on you.  I used something more pink-based to neutralize my yellow-based skin.
  2. Brighten/highlight liberally under eyes, above eyebrows, on top of cheek bones and on cupid's bow.  We're going for really pale here, so don't be afraid to lay it on
  3. Next take a charcoal shadow and sweep it over the lid from your lashline to your brow bone.  You can play with the shape here - I just followed the natural curve of my eye and shaped it to my angle that my brows naturally arch at.  If you don't like charcoal the make up artists at the show also used a deep cranberry, burnt orange and navy.
  4. Take a light, neutral shadow (here I used MAC Brule) and apply just to the centre of your lid.  This will help wash out the dark shadow so you get a smokier effect.
  5. On cheeks I used a colour I normally use to highlight darker skin right under the area I highlighted and a matte bronzer I use on darker skin to very lightly contour the cheekbone.  It's important that the bronzer does not have any shimmer so you get that hollow-cheek look.  Your blush can have a little shimmer to soften the look.
  6. Wash out your lips with a little concealer and line them if your lip line isn't very defined (I didn't).  Fill in your lips so your lip colour stays on better.
  7. Apply a dark, matte lip colour all over directly from the tube.  Whichever colour suits you best will work.  Since I didn't have either a dark or a matte colour, I took a raspberry lip crayon and lightly patted a black shadow over it to get this colour.