Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Reader: I'm alive.

And still able to type, in case you were wondering.

The funniest thing about not having blogged in a whole month -- yes, a whole month -- is that it took my computer to dying to kick my butt back into gear.  Otherwise, god knows how long this lack of writing would have gone on.

To catch you up, I've started writing for a couple of publications.  Those articles will sneak around on here or on Twitter, but I probably won't go to huge lengths to promote them.  We're not that kind of blog.

Second, I've been streamlining my collection like crazy.  I've mentioned time and time again that I've wanted to get down to that point where I have one perfect full coverage foundation, one perfect brightener, one perfect red lip, one perfect nude lip, etc. but I'm happy to say...

I'm not nearly there yet.

I have, however, purged my collection and started attempting to purchase things that not only satisfy my purchase craving, but also add some substance to my round-up.  I've been trying so hard not to do that thing where a new drugstore cult item pops up *cough*RevlonKissableBalmStains*cough* and purchase every single colour I like.  I can't promise that won't happen from time to time, but here's hoping.

I'll leave you with a wish list/preview, so you know what there is to come.

Here's to healthy skin, fun looks and responsible purchasing.  Sort of.

fall preview

The Procrastinator