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New Thing: Turkish Towels

I think there's quite a few names for this genre of towel. In my research I've come across peshtemal, fouta, hammam towel, among a few others. If anyone has more background on this type of cloth, please do share!

I purchased these at the end of the summer for a day out at the island to use as a beach towel -- I don't love the way regular beach towels hold water and stay damp.  Bevause the cotton is so lightweight and the fabric is relatively stiff, sand never gets caught in them and the drying time is much less than any other towel I've previously used.

You have to wash these before your first use (I mean, you should do that anyway for all new towels), otherwise they won't absorb water.  I've seen these recommended as beach coverups as well, and I totally get it -- these wrap/fold/tuck way better than regular towels.  I managed to roll mine down to the size of a small Thermos.

I got mine at Au Lit (midtown, near Yonge and Eglinton), but I've seen a few Etsy sellers who say they'll happily ship theirs to Canada.  So far we've been mixing prints, but the colours are so subtle and subdued that I'm not too concerned with matching future towel purchases.

Have you tried these?  Which are your favourite?


  1. I've never tried these but i'll have to check them out!

    xo Ashley

  2. interesting. i've never tried these before!
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Ashley and Jenn -- these will change your life, SERIOUSLY.


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