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What's on my Vanity?

I don't technically have a vanity where I sit and do my makeup -- I learned some time ago that my life is laptop-centric, so if my makeup is anywhere farther than arm's length from where my computer lives, it's not being used.  True for eating as well -- Tod and I don't have a dining room table because we eat over our Macbooks.  Right.

That said, since we both prep/eat/watch tv/blog/tweet from one single, narrow IKEA table, I've learned to invest in very streamlined storage that keeps my everyday products organized.  I've also given myself a little room to squeeze in a few options so I keep my rotation fresh and my collection in use.

My set up consists of a MUJI Acrylic 3-Drawer Case that I schlepped home from New York last year (YAY for Muji coming to Toronto!).  The drawer height is very narrow, just high enough to accommodate a Tom Ford lipstick.  In fact, that was the original reason I bought it -- this unit used to house lipstick in one drawer, lip gloss in another, and lip balms in the third.  After a huge decluttering sesh, I've managed to fit 95% of my lip collection in one drawer.  The rest is in various bags or at the office. *pats self on the back*

On top is a cosmetic case from The Container Store -- I was inspired by Emily Weiss's set-up on Into The Gloss.  In the back I keep all tubey makeup things like brushes, pencils, mascaras, and general tools -- I think my nail clippers live in there, but I never cut my own nails so...that's moot. In the tray in front I keep a tin of cotton wool and cotton buds and everything I need to prep my base.

Is anyone else as obsessed with makeup collections and vanity tours as I am?  I find myself getting sucked in to those videos for hours.  Worst clickhole ever.

PS: Today is my big brother's birthday -- you know, the brainiac behind this video.


  1. I am totally obsessed with makeup collection and storage videos. You're post just added to it. I've been looking everywhere to find storage at a decent price and thanks to the website you posted I am a happy shopper

  2. Love the storage- so sleek! Super excited for Muji to be coming to Toronto! xo


  3. So excited about the Muji store in Toronto. I have two of those on my vanity plus an ice cube tray that fits my MAC lipsticks... that is all I need!

  4. Janella - i LOVE the container store, it's a must-go every time I go to new york

    Jen - GET READY

    Julie - An ice cube tray?? That's so effing brilliant.

    Lily - le sighhhhhhh

  5. I love Muji - although every time I go in I seem to spend a small fortune on small acrylic boxes, so I have to ration my trips!

    that and i live alone so i always eat while watching netflix.

    and i TOTALLY watch those 'makeup collection'/'makeup storage' videos but i'm not convinced a muji drawer will do it for me. i need to give my preferences a serious think before i change up my current system. which works well enough. basically a three tier sterile drawer set with brushes and liners/pencils in jar type things on the side.

    A Beautiful Zen

  7. Emma - I'm the exact same way. Even if I know adding more storage kind of equals more clutter purchasing, I still do it! It's like, I'm sure I'll find a use for this somewhere!

    Jenn - I used to have that sterile drawer set! They were too big for my desk though, and I have to have my makeup collection sitting out in front of me or I'll totally forget about it.

  8. This is such a smart idea! My lipsticks and nail polishes are currently lying all over my bathroom counter. I need to make a trip to Muji next time I'm in HK/Japan!

  9. I really want one of those Muji 3 drawer sets. They just seem so perfect for storing makeup.

    xo Ashley

  10. Haha.. I can relate to eating over my laptop too :P Great set up! Watching what's in my makeup drawers/vanity/train case/etc. are my most favourite videos to watch. I also can't wait for Muji to come to town as I love the idea of being able to see EVERYTHING!

  11. So neat and tidy! I love seeing other people's vanity set ups too; it's good for sneaking ideas for your own setup. It's kinda shocking the lack of makeup organization options out there considering all the $$$ the beauty industry makes!

  12. Looks so tidy and pretty. I need some Muji x

  13. Renee - It's coming to Toronto soon! How often do you go to HK/Japan?

    Ashley - THEY ARE. It's honestly incredibly convenient

    Kelly - We are a nosey bunch, bbloggers!

    Angela - yes! I can get lost in those videos for SO LONG

    Coco - it's available online :D


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