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French Wardrobe

Let's talk wardrobe. Not something that comes up often around here on Procrastinating Pretty, because who has time for outfit posts?

In the spirit of decluttering, I'm going to attempt the French Wardrobe technique.  I fell down the Reddit hole the other day to arrive at this fantastic topic; building a wardrobe of solid basics and adding five key pieces per season.

I have the unhealthiest relationship with decluttering; once I start pruning things away, I get recklessly ruthless and give myself a huge pat on the back for having capsulize-d my collection.  Unfortunately, the hoarding craving returns close to immediately, and I find myself purchasing items unnecessarily just to hold on to them for long enough that I feel comfortable getting rid of them.  And so on.  It's a problem.

A no-buy is supremely unrealistic for me -- I'm going to buy stuff.  The first step is admitting you have a problem. With this method, I'll give myself the opportunity to purchase thoughtfully and selectively.  

My first purchase of the season?  This bright fuschia clutch from Zara. I love the metal corner detail.

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