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Return to Vlogging?

Just a quick update to help me get reacquainted with the camera, to figure out where and when exactly is best to film, and to update you all on what's happening in my corner of the internet.  Also, accidentally-on-purpose left in a blooper to prove that I wear pants while I film these. Enjoy!


  1. Haaai there!

    OK so I don't bite my nails, but it's not that I'm too kind to my hands, either :p Looove the Caudalie lotion as well! Have you tried their hand cream? That's one of my all-time fave! My skin also freaks out in spring, so I guess it's kinda normal? Hopefully the situation will be under control soon!

    1. Damn lady, you are fast :) I'm getting to the hand cream soon -- just trying to finish everything I've got open. #springresolution!


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