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Lipstick Round-up: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Since The Cut released their list of 50 cult lipsticks, I've been on a bit of a kick. This winter, I've been sorting through my stash and weeding out only the lipsticks I know I'll use and would be sad to be without.  I read (probably on Pinterest) that when you're pruning your stash, you should ask yourself one glaringly simple question: "Would I buy this if I saw it today?"

We're starting with pink because it's Wednesday.

NARS Schiap -- One of my first bright lip colours ever -- it's been with me since I started the blog.  You can tell how well-loved it is; I don't think I've ever come so close to finishing a lipstick in my life.  I wear this when I need a bright, loud pop of colour, usually on days that I'm dressed down and can't be bothered to put in effort with my outfit.  This colour instantly upgrades my look.

Pair with: Big lashes, dewy skin

Chanel Rouge Allure Romantique -- I would repurchase this just for the packaging.  I obsessively click it open and closed, and it amuses me to no end to watch people try to figure it out.  This is a raspberry-pink with quite subtle shimmer.  I didn't love it on me originally, but it's proven itself time after time.  Whenver I buy a nude gloss that's too nude, I layer it over this for a perfect my lips but better look.

Pair with: A nude gloss and bronze smoky eye

Make Up For Ever N9 -- For anyone and everyone with an olive or yellow skin undertone, look no further for a true MLBB.  It's the perfect combination of pink, coral, red and brown that makes my face come alive. Bonus points for being uber-hydrating.

Pair with: Literally anything -- I'll even wear mine on no makeup days

Tarte Lively -- I'm sure I've said this before, but this is one of my favourite lipstick formulas I've come across. I remember the first time I swiped this across my lips, I wasn't even sure I'd applied anything -- it was like I was wearing nothing at all.  This magenta-pink isn't quite as neon as NARS Schiap, but still packs a bright punch. You probably don't need both, but I do.

Pair with: Groomed brows and retouched skin

Tarte Hope -- I came across this in one of those Sephora Superstars kits, and I'm really pleased with it! This is the colour I think of when people say pink, so I didn't think it'd be for me, but it's deceptively blue-toned (read: immediately brighter/whiter teeth), and as stated above, I love the texture of these.  This is a great option for everyday that won't be too subtle for evening wear.

Pair with: A similarly pink blush and any eye look


  1. So... apparently I'm not cool enough to own any of the lipsticks on the top 50 cult list, but I do have a ton of lippies that look very very very similar.

    ALSO - N9 is perfection, couldn't put it down these past few months! Really love how you've paired each lippie with a look.

  2. I didn't hear about that list! I have a few of them! A lot of red on that list though and I can't do reds well anymore. But I want the one called Pirate by Chanel. Because, PIRATE. hahaha I don't have NARS Shiap though! I must.


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